Emirates Assessment Day

Dear Ciemuna,

Thank you for your application regarding the position of Cabin Crew with Emirates. We are pleased to invite you to attend a preliminary assessment process. Please find below further details:

Date : Wednesday 22nd of May 2013
Time : 09:30 am (Sharp!)
Venue: London Marriott Kensington Hotel
147 Cromwell Rd, London SW5 0TH,
United Kingdom


Dress Code: Business Attire.
Ladies – Knee length skirt / dress with skin colour stockings. Please tie your hair neatly behind.
Men – Suit & Tie.


The Assessment Day was very different to the Open Day. As soon as I walked into the room I could see straight away that any one out of the 80+ girls (and boys) there could be getting the job. Every single person was immaculate! I have a tendency to try and size up my competition and for the life of me I could not see a weak link. I started getting really nervous so I found myself a spot and introduced myself to some girls that were sat down near me. There was one particular girl that really stood out: very poised, looked very smart, absolutely beautiful, spoke a handful of languages and I just thought ‘Ugh, I have no chance’. Fortunately I saw it through and didn’t walk out then and there!

Part 1 – Presentations

At 9:30 (sharp!) we got called into the room where the recruiters were and were asked to take a seat to watch a series of presentations and videos. Keeno that I am, I made sure I got to the very first row – which was good! I made good eye contact with the recruiters as they gave their presentations, followed them around the room with my eyes and made sure I showed my enthusiasm. They also interacted with us quite a bit and asked questions about what we knew about the Emirates group and some trivia about Dubai.

Other blogs suggest that you don’t speak at all at this part but I would suggest that you participate BUT if you do choose to answer a question, do it in a succinct, intelligent way. Basically don’t ramble. I say this because they asked if anyone knew anything about Ramadan and a girl started talking in a really excited way and very quickly, for around 2 minutes. Bear in mind the recruiters are still watching you at this point so don’t stand out in a bad way.

Part 2 – Group Work

After the presentations we were asked to leave the room while they set it up for group work. When we came back the chairs had been set up in two large circles, and we were split up into 2 groups according to our numbers (you are given a sticker with your name and a number on it when you come in).

We were told to work in 2’s or 3’s and given some cards with an object on it. The task was to come up with 3 uses for the object on the card aside from the obvious so for example if you got a bottle, you could use it as a candle holder. It doesn’t matter what you come up with (saying that, you should still try to think out of the box and be creative) but how you interact with your partner and the group and also how you confident you are getting up and presenting your ideas to the room. My advice is to remember they are looking that you can work in a team and that you are confident so don’t stress out too much like I did! After everyone presented, we were asked to leave the room again and when we came back they called our numbers out one by one and gave us a piece of paper which when you unfolded told you whether you were through to the next part of the assessment. Hurrah I got it!

Part 3 – Group Discussion

After lunch we had dwindled in size from around 80-90 to around 20. We were split into 2 groups again and each given a scenario which we had to discuss. It was something along the lines of you only having a limited amount of product and deciding who you would give it to from a list of people. Again, don’t talk for the sake of it. Don’t interrupt anyone and instead of disagreeing with someone, offer an alternative point of view. My group was great and I think we worked very well together. I think all of us except 3 girls got through to Final Interview. So don’t worry about competing – they will take all of you if you are right for the job!

So again with the little piece of paper that tells you whether you are successful or not. Fortunately I was one of the lucky girls and guys who got asked back to FI much to my surprise! Around 10 of us got called back in and were given details for our FI and as we left a handful of us thought it would be appropriate to go for a few drinks to celebrate the end of a very stressful but rewarding day!


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